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How Clean Offices Improve Health

Clean Offices Improve Your Staff’s Health & Well-being

An unclean working environment harbours all kinds of bacteria, germs and allergens that can cause both physical and mental illness. A microbiology study discovered there are around 200,000 bacteria and allergens living in every square inch of a carpet.

When allergens like pollen and dust are left to flourish, it increases the risk of your employees contracting an illness that keeps them off work or hinders their performance. Experts recommend that offices and homes are deep-cleaned using a professional cleaning service at least once a year depending on foot traffic.

Offices that have a high volume of people treading in dirt and grime from outdoors should be cleaned every one to three months.

Unclean Offices Impact Productivity

The bacteria that lurks on keyboards and office desks increase the risk of employees falling ill. According to the Office for National Statistics, minor coughs and colds are the most common reason for absenteeism at work. These types of illnesses can be reduced by keeping the work environment clean. Unhygienic offices have also been linked with sick building syndrome – a condition that causes a high percentage of headaches and irritation in the throat, eyes and nose.

A higher percentage of people show symptoms of sick building syndrome when office windows and doors are sealed throughout the winter. However, there is also a high number of cases in the summer months when particulates such as carbon dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide from car fumes flood in through open windows.

The BBC reported that sealing buildings increases the carbon dioxide levels in a room. As a result, employees feel nauseous, drowsy and suffer from headaches. Studies also reveal that keeping the workplace in a clean and organised state is better for mental health. Research scientists found that people who work and live in clean environments are healthier and happier than people that spend time in untidy environments.

Professional Cleaning Services

Experts say that cutting down on dust, pollen and other toxins that build up indoors helps to maintain good mental and physical health. In order to efficiently maintain a hygienic working environment, professional cleaning services are required on a regular basis. Vacuuming carpets and area rugs at least twice a week using a professional solvent unearths harmful bacteria and allergens that contribute to a higher volume of sick days being taken in the UK. Desk clutter traps dust which releases allergens and unclean desks and keyboards foster viruses and other pollutants that can trigger an allergic reaction or illness.

Mopping tiled and wooden floors on a regular basis evict mites that live in dust, pollen, hair, skin and other debris that typically gathers on the floor. Adding specially formulated cleaning solutions used by professional office cleaning services has a powerful and longer lasting effect. Furthermore, cleaning products and air fresheners are full of pleasing fragrances that create a crisp and pleasurable atmosphere. This alone can help to increase the mood, mental health and physical wellbeing of employees.

Experts also recommend educating staff about the importance of maintaining a clean and tidy desks. If people are more aware of the physical and mental health benefits a clean working environment offers, your staff are more invested in helping to keep the workplace clean and tidy. A high number of staff taking sick days means the productivity of your business suffers.

A professional commercial cleaning service can help keep you track by helping to maintain the health and wellbeing of your staff.