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Cleaning Your Messy Desk

Office Desk a Mess?

Anyone familiar with working in a busy office environment will understand the pitfalls of a messy desk.

Messy desks are at the very least no fun and at the worst a severe drain on your productivity.

If your messy desk is driving you to distraction, read on as we intend to provide you with several practical and easy to follow tips all of which are aimed at helping you to regain control of your stress-inducing work area.

Here are some sensible tips to help you tackle that messy desk

If you’re working in an organisation or small business that still uses a significant amount of paper documents the chances are your untamed desk will at times be swamped with paper:

Allocating a specific space: on your desk for a paper tray specifically for incoming documents will help. It may be helpful for you to have more than one slot to help you to divide your incoming paper trail further. This approach will help you to put your hands on what you’re looking for in double quick time.

Zero tolerance bin policy: Always have a bin nearby and use it! We have all been there perhaps I should keep this it may be useful? If the document is no longer relevant or has been actioned just bin it there really is no point in holding onto something just because you can?

Is all this paper necessary: talk to your colleagues about the amount of paperwork turning up on your desk is it really needed can the paper reports you keep be produced in a digital format. Often people have simply got into the habit of printing copious amounts of paper talking to your colleagues about this will undoubtedly help the environment and may even help them to improve their productivity.

Clutter is never good: 9 times out of 10 it is also completely unnecessary, do you really need all that junk on your desk if you are going to make the commitment to tidy up your working area the clutter simply has to go. It is a well-known fact that clutter increases stress levels and impedes productivity.

Clean your workspace: Setting aside 10-15 minutes a week specifically to clean your work area will help you to stay on top of the situation these minutes will have an impact on your general well being and that all-important productivity. Commit and stick to it.

I’ll bin it later: resist the temptation to fall back into this old habit as ultimately later never comes if you know its junk from the off treat it as such; remember what it was like to be that messy, unorganised person and humbly make the vow never to go there again!!

In Summary

So there it is organisation combined with a stout resistance against the unnecessary use of paper sprinkled with a large helping of willpower will see you well on the way to becoming an organised and efficient member of staff with a desk to envy.

Can’t find that important document? Unsure where that financial report has gone? Following the above tips will ensure these thoughts become a thing of the past.

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